April 2012 BRTU General meeting – Yellowstone National Park by Mike Ruhl

Bitterroot Trout Unlimited April MeetingThursday, April 19, 2012, 7:00 PM

Hamilton Elks Lodge, 203 State St

Mike Ruhl

Yellowstone National Park

The best job in the world? Mike Ruhl, a Fisheries Biologist in Yellowstone National Park, may have it. Over the course of the year he works in the best Native Trout fisheries in the world including rarely visited headwaters of Yellowstone Lake. The Park recently completed its Native Fish Conservation Plan, and TU was a major player. Anglers will not only benefit from this new plan, but angler volunteers can play a major role in the conservation effort. If you want to learn how you can help protect this unique resource for the future by fishing in some seldom visited spots, don’t miss Mike’s program! This will be the last BRTU program until October.

And, don’t forget! We will be having dinner with Mike at Spice of Life at 5:00 pm before the meeting. Long-time TU supporter Karen Suennen will be donating 10% of the proceeds to our club. So come join us for dinner.

Information for Spice of Life Cafe and Catering

163 S 2nd St Hamilton, Montana

(406) 363-4433

Directions| Menu | Hours

Information for Elks Lodge

203 State Street

Hamilton, MT 59840-2522

(406) 363-3031

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For more information, contact Cassie Buhl (cassie.buhl@gmail.com) or Marshall Bloom (drtrout@mtbloom.net) or 406-363-3485.

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